At Braddock Motors, you don't have to settle for an older, high mileage vehicle if you have had credit problems or have not yet established enough credit to qualify for traditional financing. Unlike other dealerships, our entire inventory is available to our in-house financing customers. We understand bad things can happen to good people. Whether your problems are the result of divorce, medical bills, temporary job loss or some other circumstances, we're here to assist you. With over 20 years experience helping credit-challenged people in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Braddock Motors has learned that a quality transaction starts with providing you with a reliable, late model vehicle that you can depend on for much longer than the term of the loan.
New In House Financing Program as of January 5, 2015
Terms of the contract will vary depending on the vehicle you choose and your background, but our typical in-house loan will begin with a minimum down payment of $1500 on a vehicle with approved credit based on residence/employment stability and credit history.
Payments typically are between $175-$200 bi-weekly including all applicable state taxes, tags and title fees. The vast majority of customers also choose to take advantage of a very comprehensive two or three year service contract that protects all of the vehicle's major components without increasing the payment amount. Required documents include 2 recent paystubs, a phone or electric bill that shows your name and current address, six personal references and proof of full coverage insurance. Remarkably, the term of our loans is usually only 3 years, so you will build equity very quickly. Don't get stuck with a five year loan on a vehicle that may not even last two or three years! Check out our inventory now, complete the on-line credit application and let us put you in the car, truck, van, or SUV that you deserve!