At Braddock Motors, we keep you informed about ways to be an exceptional Braddock Heights driver. One method involves minding your auto's seasonal maintenance. Specifically, we want you to understand the downside of driving on your winter tires the rest of the year.

In short, we do not recommend driving on winter tires beyond winter. These tires are built specifically to improve your car's ability to go and stop in snow, slush and ice. They give you a winter-driving advantage, but they reduce your vehicle's agility in non-winter conditions. If you have ever driven through a rain puddle at highway speeds with winter tires, you know just how poorly these tires act outside of winter conditions.

Further, driving on hot pavement greatly reduces your winter tires' longevity. Snow tires and ice tires are made with softer rubber compounds than other tires. Non-winter conditions cause faster wear, reducing these tires' winter effectiveness.



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