We at Braddock Motors know the importance of being prepared for a roadside emergency when you’re traveling. The idea of having an emergency is something that seldom crosses our minds but things like this happen every day. Having a roadside emergency kit can make it a lot easier to get through an emergency. Allow us to help you set up your roadside emergency kit.

Putting together a roadside emergency kit is easy and relatively inexpensive. It’s also a must to have in your vehicle. Roadside emergency kits should include the following items.
• Flashlight
• Jumper cables
• Batteries
• Roadside flares
• First aid kit
• Air compressor with jump starter
• Spare tire accessories
• Tool kit
• Water
• Extra bottles of automotive fluids (windshield fluid, motor oil, antifreeze)

If you’re in need of emergency supplies or need automotive services or supplies, pay our dealership a visit in Braddock Heights. We provide a full line of automotive services.



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