Driving Safety in the Rain

When it rains, the driving conditions can be hazardous! At Braddock Motors we want everyone to make sure they know how to handle these conditions around Braddock Heights. If you find yourself in a storm, there some things you can do to make sure you are safe until you are out of traffic.

If your vehicle skids or slides, don't slam on the brakes. Point your steering wheel toward the direction you want your car to go and realign it once the slide is over. Slowing down is important in any storm. You should also make sure that you are farther behind vehicles than normal.

Rain can make visibility lower, so having your headlights on is important. Try turning off your cruise control so you can be more alert in a storm. If the rain gets too hard, pull off the road in a safe place that isn't flooding and wait until there is a break in the storm.



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