Why is the car driving funny? There seems to be a pull to the right and the left. Take that as a sign that the car needs a wheel alignment. Unless you service the car right away, you may find yourself replacing the tires sooner than expected. Hopefully, the tires won't blow out on the road before driving to the shop.

Be cautious and take wheel alignment service seriously. Unfortunately, not everyone does. Some the car can still operate fine even when the wheels and tires are out of alignment. Things may seem this way, but reality is different. Proper vehicle control and tire care suffer when wheels lack proper alignment.

The steps for putting the wheel angles, three in total, back into alignment aren't complicated. A skilled technician uses a special machine to measure the angles. The vehicle's angle measurements undergo a comparison with factory specifications. If they don't match, there's a misalignment. The technician then takes steps to restore the factory specs.

Our service team handles wheel alignments, repair work, and other requested services. Call our dealership to discuss an appointment.


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