If your vehicle has been sitting in the garage not running, you might be wondering when you should be bringing it into Braddock Motors for an oil change. Just because there hasn't been mileage being added to the vehicle doesn't mean an oil change isn't necessary. However, your oil-change intervals might not be what you would expect.

The average amount of time in between an oil change should be around six months. It's assumed that during this time period you were driving your vehicle almost daily. For those that don't utilize their automobile frequently, it's recommended that you check your oil every four weeks. Look for changes in the oil color that makes it look more black than when you put it in. Oil that has become thicker or more sludge-like should also be replaced.

Don't forget to take your vehicle for a drive every few weeks if it hasn't been out. It should hit about 15 miles of highway driving during this outing in Braddock Heights.


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