Getting a flat tire while driving is easy to do, and when it happens you want to be prepared. Here are a few tips that will help you quickly and efficiently replace your flat tire with the spare:

Chock the Wheels First Thing

The most important part of putting your car up in the air is making sure the emergency brake is engaged and placing a chock under one of the wheels to ensure that it isn't going to roll.

Remove and Replace With Ease

Loosen each lug nut before raising the vehicle completely. When replacing the lug nuts make sure that you tighten them securely and in a star pattern. Use a torque wrench to get a good idea of how tight to install your lug nuts.

Visit Braddock Motors for Tire Repair and Replacement

After you get a flat tire we will be waiting to replace or repair it at our dealership in the Braddock Heights area.



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