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Understanding Car Wax

When it comes to keeping your car's exterior clean and protected throughout all kinds of weather and driving conditions, car wax can be your best friend. It is a cost-effective, intuitive way to keep the exterior paint from getting scratched and eroded by daily use.

Car wax is always applied as the last step of the car wash. Additionally, the car wax should not be applied until the exterior is totally dry. Try to apply it in small areas of the car at a time so that you are sure that you are not missing any spots...


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Driving Safety in the Rain

When it rains, the driving conditions can be hazardous! At Braddock Motors we want everyone to make sure they know how to handle these conditions around Braddock Heights. If you find yourself in a storm, there some things you can do to make sure you are safe until you are out of traffic.

If your vehicle skids or slides, don't slam on the brakes. Point your steering wheel toward the direction you want your car to go and realign it once the slide is over. Slowing down is important in any storm. You should also make sure that you…
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Ways to Protect Yourself With A Mechanic

One thing that you'd have to understand about a customer is that even a reliable mechanic can turn around and cheat you in the services. Therefore, it is important to do a lot of homework so that you can make sure that you are not getting ripped off.

When looking at the local mechanics, you do have to look at different factors. Among the factors is the size of the mechanic and the reputation. If the mechanic is a big business, then it is going to have a lot of reviews compared to a smaller mechanic that is just…

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The Right Way to Safely Change a Flat Tire

Memorize this flat tire guide so you can get back on the road in less time after a tire failure.?
  1. If the vehicle is not already off the road, ride the rim a few feet to get out of the way of any oncoming traffic.
  2. Loosen the lugs on that flat tire one turn before jacking the vehicle up.
  3. Now that the vehicle is on the jack and the tire off the ground, it is safe to take the lug nuts off.
  4. Carefully take the flat tire off the car, place the spare in its place.
  5. Tighten all the lug…
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