Oil Change in Braddock Heights, MD

Oil lubricates all the moving parts to an engine and keeps those parts cool. When heat breaks down the oil it can cause it to be gummy or watery, leading it to not lubricate the parts properly. To fix this problem, you have to change the old oil with new oil which will also get rid of any grit or dirt that can cause scratching in tightly-fitted parts.

How often do you need to Change your Oil?

Changing your oil regularly is probably the most important part of your car's maintenance. It improves performance and reduces repairs. Our best suggestion is to follow the guidelines in the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

There's no such thing as too frequent oil changes but definitely don't put it off. The function of oil is to cut down friction. If contaminants get into the oil it can cause friction and wear the parts out. This can cause serious damage that may result in replacing your engine.

What Does Braddock Motors Offer?

Our certified auto service technicians provide you with the highest level of customer service during our Monday through Friday service hours. You may enjoy our newly renovated customer lounge while waiting for your car. We offer discounted packages for those that bought their car from Braddock Motors. Contact us today to find out more information!

Why Braddock Motors?

We are not a big used car dealership looking for quick turnovers, we take the time to service your car correctly. Schedule your auto repair appointment with Braddock Motors and have peace of mind!

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